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Current projects

Below you will find projects that I am currently working on. 

Dynamics of Trust and Distrust Creation in Internet Voting

The internet has transformed every aspect of our daily life. While it has created new paths to government services, the internet has not yet been fully implemented in elections for reasons related to citizens’ lack of trust in internet voting technology. The ELECTRUST project will study how trust and distrust are created in relation to […]


Digital Sociology

We live in an increasingly digitized world. Almost all social actions are being mediated and shaped by digital devices such as sensors and smartphones, apps, and platforms, among many others. And with this, massive digital traces are continually generated, allowing new ways of inquiring into social life and doing sociological research. At the same time, […]


E-Vote-ID Conference

This is one of the leading international events for e-voting experts from all over the world. One of its major objectives is to provide a forum for interdisciplinary and open discussion of all issues relating to electronic voting. More than 100 participants per year, keynotes, and peer-reviewed presentations bringing together e-voting specialists working in academia, […]

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